Bad Democratic leadership to blame for inner city woes

April 13, 2010

The Sun editorial "Invisible lives" (April 11) discusses the Lamont Davis trial and laments "all these young people have been betrayed by society's indifference and neglect." Perhaps more rightly, the teenagers have been betrayed by their parents' and Democrat-controlled city and state governments' indifference and neglect. Further, according to The Sun, schools, welfare agencies, and the state's broken juvenile justice system have failed them. Thus failure by the Democrat-controlled city and state governments. The bleak and hopeless picture of the city presented is not quite the utopia The Sun usually represents will be delivered by benevolent Democrats.

By not holding the Davises of the city responsible for their actions, The Sun makes them the victims and finds excuses for their behavior, which trivializes the real victim, Raven Wyatt, the 5-year-old hit by a stray bullet who will be tarnished for life and who will live in fear of being outside alone and other law-abiding children and adults in the city. If the economic underclass has been betrayed by society as represented by The Sun, then in Baltimore City and Maryland that betrayal of indifference and neglect belongs to the Democrats who for decades have controlled city and state governments.

Mr. Davis, the 17 year-old defendant, is the father of two children, and the mother of these children is 16 years old. The Sun didn't comment as to how economic underclass teens having children hinders their rising from their economic underclass status. These children need their parents and the public institutions they encounter to provide tough love that stresses what is acceptable behavior and enforces adherence to that behavior. Otherwise we'll continue to get unacceptable behavior excused as being the responsibility of everyone except the perpetrators. Unfortunately, "responsibility" has become a dirty word.

Glenn Cunningham, Perry Hall

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