Trial winds down in 5-year-old's shooting

A Baltimore jury expected to get the case by Monday

April 09, 2010|By Tricia Bishop |

Lamont Davis' fate will be in the jury's hands by Monday, attorneys said.

Davis, 17, is accused of shooting Raven Wyatt in the head last summer, when she was 5 years old, although he was aiming at a teenage boy called "Reds," who was shot in the arm.

The highly publicized Baltimore trial has tested the limits of witness recollections. Details have differed not only from person to person, but witnesses - including the 16-year-old mother of Davis' two children - have contradicted their earlier statements to police. The mother was ordered to appear as a witness Thursday morning, after leaving the courthouse a day earlier. She failed to come to court Thursday, and a warrant was issued to take her into custody.

During Thursday's testimony, two people - a father and his grown daughter - separately claimed that they saw Davis in a fistfight with Reds on July 2, 2009. Davis beat Reds to the ground, they said, then left, changed his clothes and returned with a gun, opening fire.

"I saw the little girl drop right in the middle of the street, and my heart dropped," said Raven Cromwell, 19. She identified Davis by name as the shooter, even though she'd never met him. She learned who he was through television reports, she said.

Raven Wyatt has been undergoing intense physical therapy since she was shot.

The defense has said that another teenager, nicknamed "Murder," fought Reds and later fired the gun. And Davis' cousin testified Thursday that Davis, who is charged with attempted murder, was at his mother's house around the time of the shooting.

Today's testimony is expected to expand the scope of the evidence by including DNA findings and data from a GPS tracking device Davis wore for home-monitoring. The program, used to track juvenile offenders, has been criticized by prosecutors as being easily circumvented.

But the defense has said it will provide an alibi for Davis.

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