Does Sheila Dixon feel no guilt?

April 08, 2010

The invoices are trickling into City Hall for former Mayor Sheila Dixon. The latest is that the city was billed by her hair stylist. What's next? Starbucks bills? Athletic center invoices?

As we attempt to distance ourselves from our former mayor, the reminders continue to prove that she obviously put herself into a position of self-serving greed while city children went without food and homeless citizens combed the street corners for handouts.

Does Ms. Dixon feel any guilt? I doubt it very much. She just doesn't get it and likely never will.

A leader of our country was ousted from office in the ‘70s for lying to the citizens of this country. His defensive response was "I am not a crook."

Isn't it somewhat appropriate that the names Nixon and Dixon rhyme so nicely?

Patrick R. Lynch, Baltimore

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