Water service is restored to Balto. Co. residents, businesses

  • BGE replaces wires that were burned in a fire on Hillen Road just east of Greenbrier Road, which caused a power outage to the water pumping station and left thousands of homes without water.
BGE replaces wires that were burned in a fire on Hillen Road just… (Baltimore Sun photo by Algerina…)
April 08, 2010|By Liz F. Kay | liz.kay@baltsun.com | Baltimore Sun reporter

Water had been restored to all Baltimore County residents by Thursday afternoon after a power outage to a pumping station interrupted service Wednesday, according to city and county officials.

Residents and businesses whose running water was restored overnight had been urged to conserve water earlier Thursday.

Most of the customers from Lake Avenue in Baltimore to Sparks who were affected by Wednesday's outage, caused by an electrical fire in the power lines leading to the Hillen Road pumping station, should have had some running water this morning, according to Baltimore's Department of Public Works.

However, conservation would allow the water to be replenished in tanks throughout the system more quickly so that water pressure can return to normal, avoiding future outages and pressure drops.

"We're still asking everyone to use water wisely this morning," said Baltimore DPW spokesman Kurt Kocher.

Some customers may see cloudy or discolored water when service resumes, he said. The buildup is not harmful, but water should run until it's clear. Sediment may also accumulate on faucet aerators, but they can be removed and rinsed to improve water flow.

Residents were asked to avoid lengthy showers and all customers were asked to avoid non-essential water use until the system is fully restored.

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