No reliable partner in Afghanistan

April 07, 2010

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai's accusation that western interests were responsible for the massive voter fraud that occurred in the last presidential election should give us cause to re-evaluate our relationship with that country. If Mr. Karzai's claim is true, then what legitimate role is the U.S. playing there? If it is false, then it's obvious we do not have a reliable partner for what we are doing there.

So far no U.S. officials have addressed the real bogeyman in Afghanistan, the drug trade that feeds the Karzai government's corruption. It's OK to fight drug traffic in Mexico and Columbia, but Afghanistan is another story. Meanwhile, the Afghan army remains ill-suited to defend its own country despite the resources we have poured into it.

The Afghan war is not worth the sacrifice of U.S. soldiers and treasure. We should have heeded that lesson a long time ago. Congress needs to cut off the funds for the Afghan adventure now.

Christoper C. Boardman

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