Separate but unequal for gays in Mississippi

April 07, 2010

The actions of the Itawamba County School District in Jackson, Mississippi, as they pertain to Constance McMillen, the lesbian high school senior, are a disgrace to everything for which this country stands.

After having been sued because it would rather cancel the prom than have a lesbian appear in a tuxedo, the school district promised the court that there would be a private prom held at which there would be school officials as chaperones.

But in a despicable act, the prom that Ms. McMillen was told to attend was one that basically amounted to a "separate but equal" prom held for the undesirables, while the majority of students attended another prom. Separate but equal. In the 21st century. In Mississippi! What is next, water fountains with signs segregating their use according to sexual preference?

This revolting regression on the part of a governmental body to the contemptible behavior of bigotry and segregation is an affront to the entire nation The only redemption to be found in this distressing episode is that here in Maryland, south of the Mason-Dixon Line, it is inconceivable that a government institution would involve iteslf in such anti-American behavior.

Carl Lamy, Catonsville

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