Md. senators abandon reason in health care reform vote

April 07, 2010

It is unfortunate that a number of Maryland Senators abandoned rational thinking when they attempted to vote this week to exempt Marylanders from being required to obtain health insurance ("Senate defeats bill opposing Obama health care rule," April 7).

The Republican-backed resolution failed with a vote along mostly party lines, with some Democrats voting with the Republicans. The requirement to have insurance would have been the only item that would have been pulled from the recently passed national health care reform law.

Here is what would have been the result. Health insurance companies would have been prevented from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions or placing caps on reimbursable costs to the insureds. So without the mandates, who do you think would have paid for the health insurance companies being required to cover more health care expenses? The existing policy holders, that's who. Without the mandate requiring that almost all people have insurance, the pool of premium payers would be much smaller, therefore increasing costs to those who do have health insurance.

This was irresponsible behavior by those who voted for this provision.

Melvin Mintz, Pikesville

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