Dredging resumes at Lake Elkhorn, blocking footpath

April 04, 2010|By Larry Carson

People who enjoy walking along the paved footpath around Columbia's Lake Elkhorn will find their route blocked as dredging has resumed and the footbridge at the lake's far end is to be removed for about two months.

Other portions of the path might also be blocked temporarily as the months of work continue, according to the Columbia Association, which owns the lake.

The $5.2 million project began last fall but was delayed by winter, because freezing temperatures interfere with removing water from the dredged sediment.

The project, which has been planned for years, is intended to remove about 52,000 cubic yards of silt that has accumulated in the 37-acre lake since it was built 34 years ago.

The dredging will remove about 80 percent of the silt in the lake, Columbia Association officials say.

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