Cut BDC, not firehouses

April 04, 2010

Let me see if I have this right: The firefighting companies across the street from my house (Truck Company 6 and Engine Company 26) are going to be periodically closed, meaning the city is playing Russian roulette with my family's safety. Firefighters, police officers and others are going to be laid off. The budget for repairing our teeth-rattling roads is going to be cut, and recreation centers for our children are going to be closed wholesale.

However, the Baltimore Development Corporation, an organization which greases the wheels for wealthy developers and is only under limited control of our elected officials, will gain a $755,437 increase in their budget to grow to $4.04 million ("'Main Streets' projects might be cut," March 31) so that it can encourage such things as "development of two prime Inner Harbor parcels at 300 East Pratt Street and 414 Light Street" and "Inner Harbor coordination efforts."

If Mayor Rawlings-Blake is looking for a place to cut the budget that never will be missed, I know exactly where she can find $4 million.

Mark J. Hannon, Baltimore

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