Glimpsed at M & T Bank Stadium: Wendy Richardson

Going for a style that's 'kind of quirky and theatrical'

April 04, 2010|By Sloane Brown | Special to The Baltimore Sun

With a theme of black and white, TurnAround Inc.'s annual Steppin' Out fundraiser at M&T Bank Stadium was Wendy Richardson's kind of party. "I love bold patterns, and I'm big into black and white," says the 41-year-old Coldwell Banker real estate agent. The Canton resident describes her style as "kind of quirky and theatrical. Classic but with a twist."

The look: Black and white circle-pattern sleeveless London Times sheath dress. Black leather multi-strap Classiques sandals. Multi-hoop silver earrings. Black leather Fendi knockoff handbag. Oliver Peoples black sunglasses.

Where it came from: She found the dress at T.J. Maxx. Her shoes and earrings were Nordstrom purchases. She bought the bag from a street vendor on New York City's Canal Street. Her sunglasses were a find at the "old C-Mart" about five years ago.

How she shops: "It's kind of a mix. I'll go to Nordstrom to get a couple of good pieces, and then I'll fill it in with stuff that I find from thrift and discount stores. ... There's a place in Essex, the Village Economy Store. ... It's probably the best thrift store I've ever seen. ... In fact, the last time I was there, I spent about $25 and got about 10 different things."

What she looks for: "I love a bargain, and I like things that are a little bit different. Like I found a Pucci dress - an original Pucci dress from the '60s - at a thrift store in Connecticut. It's my favorite dress. ... I love old clothes. I have an old 1930s dress, '40s short jackets and a lot of hats."

If her closet were on fire, she'd grab: "My mother's old jacket from the '60s. It's a long black jacket. It's a material that looks like fur, but it's more like black velvet. You can wear it with a pair of jeans or with a dress. ... My Pucci dress. ... I've got a very long vintage Chinese Shanghai kind of dress. I bought that in New Orleans about 10 years ago."

Fashion pet peeves: "I hate seeing people in a pair of jeans and sneakers. ... You go to Europe and people dress up to go to the supermarket. ... You see people in the U.S. in sweat pants and sneakers and it looks schleppy. Even if you see someone in a wacky outfit, bad taste is better than no taste. [I also don't like] if someone is too trendy. ... I guess what I'm trying to achieve is an effortless look - where you don't look like you tried too hard, even if you did try a little bit."

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