Project would destroy beautiful parkland

April 03, 2010

Only 13 years ago, we fought this fight, and I thought we won. Now I read again of plans to build on the same parcel of city park land ("In face of cuts, city OKs funds for park building," April 1). STV Inc's proposal for the Parks and People Foundation includes multiple parking lots, major additons, driveways and clearing in what is an area resplendent with 100-year-old trees and innumerable forms of wildlife. Our green spaces ought to be protected and preserved.

It was written in The Sun then that "selling off our heritage to further exacerbate urban blight and decay is morally wrong," and it is true today. No amount of "green building" can take the place of the grace and tranquility that a park can offer. This $12 million construction project could be done elsewhere. I am sure the foundation would love to have a building in the woods, but these woods are ours, and we must keep them safe.

Schuyler Denham, Baltimore

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