Readers debate Ehrlich run for office

April 03, 2010

Former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s announcement this week that he will seek a rematch against Gov. Martin O'Malley elicited strong responses from both sides. Read more and join the conversation at

Well, I'm all for O'Malley. After all, he gave us a $3.50 telecom charge to own a cell phone in Baltimore City because he couldn't balance the city's budget when he was mayor, then as Governor he gave us a 6 percent sales tax because he couldn't balance the state's budget.

First he hated slots, now he loves them, but for whatever reason that's not done. Oh and he said that he would control our BGE rates, and all he has done was say "your bill will be lower if you use less power." And the fact that the state had $2 billion in surplus when he came in, and now we are $2 billion in the hole.

O'Malley has got my vote! He knows how to spend money!Phillip

Just recycle the old Republican trash. Ehrlich did nothing as a congressman and even less as governor. What he really wants is to get back on the public dole so his wife can use his connections to get better jobs. Ehrlich will underfund schools, underfund health care and underfund the environment. He will bring hate back to Annapolis, and he will use divisive tactics that his Republican lemmings love.

Other than that he brings nothing to the game except the same old, same old. Was anyone surprised that when asked what he would do differently, he had no answer, especially since he has had four years to think about it?Afmca

Glad to see The Sun is at least getting off on the right foot this time around. Their animus toward Ehrlich last time was disgraceful.

I agree that it doesn't make a huge difference between the two, but like the Republicans vs. Democrats, one side (Republican) at least says the things I want to hear, whereas the other side (Democrat) just piles on nightmare after nightmare.Dan in B-more, hon

Ehrlich will not raise taxes, and O'Malley will. We all know that to be true. The only question is which policy do Marylanders want? All other decisions are driven by that difference on that fundamental issue. If you want government to do more than it does today, then taxes must go up. If you want this level of government (with furloughs, waits for food stamps, no new roads, etc.), taxes can stay where they are. Neither position is inherently bad - they are just different. All the other talk about the economy the environment and eduction is a distraction. telecommutenow

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