Dog bites city police officer, two others before being captured

April 03, 2010|By Fred Rasmussen | | Baltimore Sun reporter

A Baltimore police officer was bitten while responding to a call about a marauding pit bull in the Winston-Govans neighborhood.

Before noon Saturday, Baltimore Police officers responded to the 500 block of Winston Ave. after a report by an unidentified man, who worked for a home improvement company, saying he and a juvenile male had been bitten by a pit bull.

When the officers arrived, the pit bull was running loose, and bit one officer in the thigh, while another officer discharged his weapon at the dog and missed, according to police spokesman Det. Donny Moses.

Animal Control was notified and eventually captured and contained the dog.

The police officer was treated at Mercy Medical Center. The adult male who was bitten in the hand, refused medical attention.

The boy who was bitten in the arm and the hand, was transported to Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he is reported to be in good condition, Moses said.

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