Student loan reform badly needed

April 02, 2010

Many American families do not earn enough to pay everyday expenses, much less be able to save additional money for college tuition. I had a single, military mother who was unable to contribute to my college expenses. Also, she died when I was 19. I pursued education for my degree. No Child Left Behind became law when I was a junior in college, and it added many requirements to my certificaton. I am now in my seventh year of teaching, and I owe as much on my student loans, as I did when I graduated, due to interest charges.

As an educator, I spend some of my own income on my classes' needs for quality experiences. I was told while in college that if I taught in a low income area, my loans would be paid for over a three-year period. After I began working in an inner city, I was then informed that such a program no longer exitsted. Please support student loan reform.

Belinda Chance, Baltimore

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