Hints for Easter egg hunts

April 02, 2010|By Shruti Rastogi | Special to The Baltimore Sun

You don't want your child to be the kid who comes home with no treats after an egg hunt. These events can be overwhelming for little ones, so for some hints on how to have a successful hunt, we turned to the experts.

Kriste Garman, park naturalist at the Anita C. Leight Estuary Center and former organizer of the Easter egg hunts at Cromwell Valley Park, said:

•Look under leaves.

•Eggs are often out in the open, but camouflaged, so if you see a yellow flower, look for a yellow egg.

•Make sure you have a good, sturdy collection container, so you're not worried about the bottom falling out of your bag.

Nikki Haschert, program specialist for the City of Westminster Recreation and Parks Department, said:

•Don't just look on the ground, look everywhere. Eggs could be on a tree branch or at eye level on a swing set, in a bush or a birdbath.

•Don't go with the crowd because it's going to grab all the eggs. Break off from the crowd to find your own.

•Play fair because you don't want to spoil it for others.

Ali Parizer, the field trip coordinator at Cromwell Valley Park, said:

•It's not about being a competition of how many eggs you can collect or find, it's about having fun.

•Don't get distracted by how full another person's basket might be; focus on your own.

•A good place to look is in the flower beds because there's a lot more space for hiding, whereas the grass makes finding eggs too obvious. Be aware of the camouflage factor; look under the tables and look by trees.

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