New twist for the Roguskis on lacrosse field

April 01, 2010

Liberty's Amy Roguski is used to being on the lacrosse field with her sister Jess Onheiser. For five years, Onheiser has coached Amy's Hero's club team.

Monday afternoon, however, their player-coach relationship takes a new twist when Roguski's No. 6 Liberty team visits Garrison Forest, where Onheiser is the head coach. The teams have scrimmaged before, but this is their first game.

"It's going to be very strange," Amy said. "I'm so used to her coaching me and my team. She just called me and we're both like, 'Can't wait to see you on the sideline.' She's like, 'Be prepared to be marked.' "

Onheiser, who helped Vanderbilt to the final four in 2004, is 10 years older than Amy and the oldest of four sisters who played lacrosse at Liberty. She also coached Julie and Lauren at Ohio State as an assistant coach. This is the first time she has coached against one of her sisters in a game that actually counts

But shutting down Amy, a midfielder headed for James Madison, isn't her biggest concern.

"I've been her coach for so long that I'll probably want to instruct her and tell her to do certain things until I realize she's not in the jersey that we are," Onheiser said. "It'll be weird because obviously I want her to do well, but I want to beat her. I'm very competitive."

It won't be easy for either to outsmart the other.

"She taught me everything I know about lacrosse," Amy said, "so I'm going to know the way she coaches while she knows everything about how I play. We just know everything about each other."

The game will be must-see lacrosse for the whole Roguski family. Parents Jim and Lou Roguski will be there, and so will Julie and Lauren. Who will they root for?

"Hopefully, me," Amy said, with a laugh.

- Katherine Dunn

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