Truck hits fire hydrant, leaks gas at Annapolis station

April 01, 2010|By Anica Butler |

A tanker truck making a delivery to an Annapolis gas station started leaking fuel after hitting a fire hydrant Wednesday.

The incident happened around 9:30 p.m., according to Capt. Kelly Martin, a spokeswoman for the Annapolis Fire Department. An Eastern Petroleum truck was making a delivery to the gas station at West Street and Lafayette Avenue when the truck clipped a fire hydrant. The collision damaged a line to the truck, causing fuel to leak.

The truck was carrying 8,500 gallons of gasoline, but the leaking tank was holding only 2,500 gallons. Martin said she did not know how much gasoline had escaped from the truck.

The Maryland Department of the Environment responded to the scene to help ground the truck and drain the affected tank. Firefighters were also on the scene, with a total of 34 personnel responding, prepared to deal with a fire should one should occur.

"When they drain the tank, if done the wrong way, it could be very dangerous," Martin said.

An earlier version of this story misidentified the gas station where the accident occurred. The Baltimore Sun regrets the error.

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