Don't we already have term limits?

March 31, 2010

Regarding term limits, Andy Harris states "I think that the people should be able to decide how long their member of congress should serve" ("Idea of term limits for Congress gets new wave of support," March 30).

I thought we already have that power.

Congressmen have to re-run for office every two years, and the people are then able to decide if they want the incumbent to serve again.

The only thing term limits accomplish is to prevent a popular effective leader the people are satisfied with and have repeatedly re-elected to serve again for the same office.

This does not make any sense at all to me.

Does anyone in any other profession have to step down after a fixed amount of time?

Can't doctors and lawyers serve as long as they are mentally and physically still capable?

Why should that be any different for a congressman?

The only difference is that the people still have a chance every two years to decide if that congressperson is still mentally and/or physically capable of serving.

Gene Ricks, Glyndon

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