When will Catholic church learn the virtues of full disclosure?

March 31, 2010

When I first read the article "Church: Clinic signs are unlawful" (March 30), I was confused. The Archdiocese of Baltimore was bringing a lawsuit against the city of Baltimore for posting signs on some pregnancy counseling centers for saying that they do not offer abortion or refer anyone in that direction as part of their services. Usually the Catholic church is very vocal in regards to abortion.

Then I read the entire article and it dawned on me: Oh, I get it now, let's lure these poor, young, uninformed pregnant women in under the guise of helping them and then explicitly not offer all legal options available to them. In this instance, let's operate in just a little bit of deception and omission in "advertising."

I would think think that the Catholic church, in light of recent events, would want full disclosure and transparency in everything it or it's related services touched.

Marc Hayes, Baltimore

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