Tea party, not Congress, is the despicable mob

March 30, 2010

Michael DeCicco refers to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as "arrogant," "power hungry," and incompetent ("Democrats are to blame for the nation's unrest," March 30). I disagree, but then Republicans know a good bit about arrogance and power hunger, and even more about incompetence.

But it is apparent that Mr De Cicco needs to send his "truthometer" in for its overdue 10,000 mile checkup. In truth, the "despicable behavior" of which Mr. DeCicco speaks occurred not in Congress but in the ranks of the tea party mob. In truth, the "acts of vandalism" to which he refers are crimes. In truth, the perpetrators of these crimes should be more accurately referred to as thugs, goons, hoodlums, criminals.

Ann Power, Catonsville

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