Selfish and dangerous attitude about cell phones

March 30, 2010

If "relinquishing our freedom" will save lives, I'm all for it. Writer Chris Millirons can bleat all he wants about a right to drive while using handheld cell phones, he's out of step with reality ("Cell phone ban: how quickly we relinquish our freedom," Readers respond, March 30).

Do I have a "right" to drive while drunk? It's been proven that talking on a cell phone is a similar impairment. People who cannot exist without being perpetually connected suffer a form of addiction. They're oblivious to the world around them -- I see it all the time.

While police officers cannot possibly ticket all those driving while using cell phones, at least it's a start. I'm tired of supporting "rights" that could wind up killing me. I hope Chris Millirons lets me know next time he hits the road. His attitude is selfish and dangerous!

Roz Heid, Baltimore

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