Congressmen glorify themselves with public money

March 29, 2010

Thank you for exposing the misuse of our tax dollars via mailings in the article "Freshman tap congressional perks" (March 28). My representative, Frank Kratovil, made the top 15 of the list. I have received about five of his taxpayer extracted propaganda pieces. They are even bold enough to say "Paid for at taxpayer expense." Shame on him. Shame on all of them!

Our government is nearly broke and they are glorifying themselves with money I could use for my family. Mr. Kratovil needs to give me and my fellow citizens back our $320,679.52. They all should. They also need to stop lying and calling it constituent information. If these guys would post the bills and the hearings online as promised, we would not need their self-serving congressional junk mail.

William A. Howard IV

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