Readers debate health care reform

March 27, 2010

The passage of health care reform by the House of Representatives late Sunday night sparked a weeklong debate on the Sun editorial board's blog, baltimoresun


As a social worker who fights on behalf of the downtrodden and impoverished everyday, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, March 21st is a day that will forever live in infamy. The federal government now owns and enslaves more sick people instead of empowering them.

As a guy that's advocated before everyone from taxi drivers to legislators on behalf of the folks I serve, I can cite over 10 years of examples as to why you wouldn't want government involved in your health care. THIS IS SO BAD ON SO MANY LEVELS!!!B. Mahoney

So sad (well, not really, I'm laughing really hard) to see some of the deep thinkers here becoming unglued over expanding access to health care. You'd think that the government was taking away guns or mandating abortion.

Still, there are those who are herniating their caps lock fingers who still think that the Magical Road Fairy comes along and fills the potholes on their street free of charge, so therefore they shouldn't have to pay taxes. Same principle here: Any tax money that you pay toward your new and improved health insurance will actually be sent to Cadillac-driving welfare queens and not toward, you know, your own health insurance.

That's how Real Americans like to think. You'd think the crumbling infrastructure all around them might clue them in that there is no Magical Road Fairy, but it doesn't.Paul_D

Only time will tell if it was a courageous vote or not. There are still many questions, the biggest being can the government pay for it? The government has a long history of overestimating revenue and cost savings and underestimating outflows for new spending. Trying to pass the costs on to the states would be even worse considering how many of them are already in serious financial distress.

I didn't support it, but since it has passed I now hope I am wrong on the fiscal problems I feel it will cause. Rino

There's quite a difference between taxing and providing a service and requiring purchase of a service from a private, for-profit corporation under threat of hefty fine or jail time.

There's quite a difference between health insurance and health care.

This is not a socialist plan, this is a corporatist plan. Most health care and pharmacy stocks are up big today.Josh Dowlut

Though the health care bill is not perfect, I believe it corrects serious abuses such as the cancellation of services to policyholders who get sick and denial of coverage based on pre-existing conditions. I believe it will provide more security when people are between jobs or starting their own businesses, that it will reduce the number of health-care related bankruptcies, that it will enable more companies to offer insurance, and that it will greatly reduce the number of uninsured.

I believe the bill is a solid foundation for improvements in the future and continues the great tradition of Social Security and Medicare.Mark H. Moulton

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