High-speed harbor cruises bad for recreational boaters

March 27, 2010

In reference to the article "High-speed harbor tours" (March 26): Has anyone asked the recreational boaters?

I really enjoy sailing and motoring the stretch of the Patapsco River from the Key Bridge toward the Inner Harbor and back, at about 6 knots. I've done many day (and night) sails through this fascinating and active harbor area from my marina on Bodkin Creek, as well as overnight trips to many of the excellent marinas ringing the Patapsco, and I can with great trepidation picture how truly awful this new offering will be, as seen from the water.

Of course, it is essential that we recreational boaters keep a close watch on the freighters, large cruise ships and other power and sail boats under way in this area. Now we will also have to maintain a full-time watch for this 132 passenger, 32 knot cigarette boat on steroids? Fortunately, it won't be hard to notice that it is somewhere in our vicinity -- I imagine the obnoxious roar of the engines will be part of the attraction.

Depending on how often this "fun adventure experience" rips its way through the water between Fort McHenry and the Key Bridge, I may well have to let go of one of my favorite bay experiences.

George Alberts, Columbia

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