Bail bondsman accused of defrauding government appears in court

March 26, 2010|By Tricia Bishop | | Baltimore Sun reporter

Baltimore bail bondsman Milton Tillman III, 32, pleaded not guilty Friday in U.S. District Court to charges he defrauded the Treasury Department, lied on tax returns and permitted a prohibited person, his father, to participate in the insurance business through a type of bond guarantee.

His father, Milton Tillman Jr., who was indicted alongside his son in February, was scheduled to be arraigned Thursday as well, but his attorney Billy Murphy was held up in New Orleans.

Tillman Jr.'s arraignment on charges he defrauded Ports of America Baltimore Inc., by allegedly saying he worked more than he did, as well as the Treasury Department, by claiming he made less than he did has been rescheduled to April 2. Tillman Jr. also faces charges of filing false tax returns, wire fraud, and illegally engaging in the insurance business through 4 Aces Bail Bonds.

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