Police cuts would cause anarchy in Baltimore

March 26, 2010

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake: If you want anarchy to rule the streets of Baltimore, then make your cuts to the police force ("Fire, police chiefs raise alarms for city's safety," March 26). If you want the years-long effort to eradicate the street-level drug thugs to fail, then make your cuts. If you don't want the relationships formed between the foot patrol cops and the residents of the various city neighborhoods, then go ahead and make your cuts.

If you want your firefighters to attempt to do their jobs under even more duress, then make your cuts and close yet even more fire houses. If you want these firefighters to be responsible for even more geography than before (where every critical second is precious time lost), then go ahead and make your cuts.

It all may look good on the City Hall ledger, but in reality it could conceivably put the citizens of this city in peril.

Madame Mayor, please be cognizant of the fact that the decisions you make today could have terrible repercussions and consequences a year from now.

The pressure is most certainly tremendous to make the appropriate decisions regarding the city you now lead. Please do not let regret become a word that will haunt you after your years of public service are over.

Patrick R. Lynch, Baltimore

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