Uncivil protests the product of Congressional rhetoric

March 26, 2010

When Captain Kangaroo told our young sons to share their toys, they shared their toys. When Tony the Tiger told them that Frosted Flakes were GREAT, you'd better believe there was a box of Frosted Flakes in our grocery bag that week.

There is no mystery to the incivility over the health care bill. It began in Congress, with mean-spirited, and sometimes hateful rhetoric.

I'm an ordinary senior citizen who does not pretend to understand the details of the health care bill. I'm also a mother, grandmother and former teacher, who is appalled by would-be statesmen, whose behavior in Congress would be unacceptable in our classrooms.

Disagree with the bill -- make changes -- make it better. But, please, remember that citizens are watching you. Show us how to disagree respectfully.

Peggy Rowe, Perry Hall

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