Democrats are to blame for nation's unrest

March 26, 2010

Let me get this straight. The Democrats ram through a health care bill that most Americans dislike using a series of backroom deals, legislative shenanigans and strong-arm tactics, while simultaneously breaking a series of campaign promises related to C-SPAN, transparency and open government.

These actions and the arrogance displayed by the party in power enrages a large segment of the American public, to such a degree that it essentially creates a new political party in the United States, comprised largely of senior citizens concerned with the direction of the nation.

At the culmination of the legislative battle, some remnants of the new political tea party allegedly verbally assault some Democratic lawmakers. After the final signing of the unpopular bill, several Democrat lawmakers are the recipients of broken windows and other acts of vandalism. One Republican lawmaker has his office shot at.

So who's to blame for all this? The Republicans, of course ("Protests out of bounds," March 26). Not the Democrats. Not the tea party. The Republicans. Evidently, it's the job of the Republican Party to support everything the Democrats are doing, to defend the arrogant behavior of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to the American public, to ensure that there are no consequences for despicable behavior in Congress, and to protect the party in power from their own incompetence.

You've got to be kidding me. What's in the water on Calvert Street? The "blame Republicans" mantra is getting old, and nobody but the radical left is buying it anymore.

As the saying goes, the Democrats made their bed, and now they are lying in it. They are reaping what they sowed. The Republicans too are unfortunate victims of the arrogance of the Democrats. Americans are watching their children's future go down the drain, tens of thousands of dollars of debt on each of their heads the day they are born. I hardly think a few broken windows are the story of the day. Unfortunate, yes. But not nearly as unfortunate as the fact that Americans have handed power to people as incompetent, arrogant, shameful and power-hungry as Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barak Obama.

Michael DeCicco, Severn

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