Legislature misses the point on cell phones

March 26, 2010

Senate Says: no holding cell phones while driving- March 23)

The dim bulbs in Annapolis are at it again ("Senate says: no holding cell phones while driving," March 23). The physical distraction of a hand-held phone is not the problem, and encouraging the use of headsets is not the solution. The problem is that it is humanly impossible for us to "interact" with two things at once (sorry multi-taskers); ask your local neurologist or anyone who deals with brain functioning.

The best you can do is "toggle tasking," switching your "cognitive" attention to one thing, and then the next, but not focusing on both together. I can choose to listen to my car radio, sing along with it, and I can also make it "passive" in my mind, because I don't have to interact with it. The problem of driving and using the cell phone is created when I am "interacting" with the phone conversation and not on what I should be interacting with -- the traffic in front or back of me.

Jim Rogers, Baltimore

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