Who deserves their pay, BSO or politicians?

March 26, 2010

What's wrong with this picture? An organization that really does something gets a 16.6 percent reduction in pay, gets to go without any pay raises, and it's pay in 2012-2013, will be the same as it was in 2001 ("BSO salaries hit sour note once again," March 26).

Beside this picture is the Maryland political landscape, from the governor down to the county councilmen. How is their pay doing? How many freezes, reductions, etc., have they seen? Oh, yes, I forgot about the delegates who make as much as the symphony members for a part time job, during which they accomplish nothing to justify this largess! Case in point the slots issue: These people could not find their backsides with two hands and a flashlight.

Do all these people represent the people or themselves? I vote for the latter. Now, we get to hear their tape recorded dinner-time calls asking for our support. What's the answer? Come election time, vote every incumbent out, including those guys in Washington, D.C., with the floppy shoes and big red noses. Terrorists are not out number one problem -- politicos are! I really feel bad for my two teenage grandsons who will have to deal with what politicos are doing today -- unless the electorate acts now.

S.B.H., Halethorpe

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