What choice will government make for me next?

March 25, 2010

Working poor people struggle to pay rising rent, electirc and other necessary bills. Obamacare is requiring us to buy heath insurance or face a fine. It is telling working families how to budget and spend their money.

I am not against sick people obtaining coverage. I have a daughter with kidney disease and another daughter with hydrocephalus (water on the brain). I've paid COBRA rates. I am not against reducing those rates. I am not against anyone receiving the care they need, but there needs to be a better way to reform!

Here is my concern. I know for a fact that insurance policies do not cover 100 percent of the bill. My hydrocephalus daughter needed surgery. I was working a $9 per hour job. I was still responsible for 10 percent of that bill. When you're making $9 per hour, 10 percent of that surgery bill is still not affordable.

My daughter with kidney disease is also covered under insurance. The $10-$20 we pay for each of her 5 medicines adds up -- plus the John Hopkins facility fee, plus doctors' copayments, plus the percentage of the lab bill and some of the tests are not covered by the insurance.

On top of all this, President Obama now wants me to buy myself insurance, so if something catostrophic happens to me, at least 80 percent of the bill is covered (depending on the policy). However, if I run up a major hospital bill, such as $100,000, I am still filing bankruptcy on the $20,000 I would be responsible for!

As an American citizen, I deserve to make my own health care decisions. The mandate is wrong. I pay car insurance because I choose to drive. If I choose not to drive, I would turn in my plates and face no fines! Here my choice has been made by the government. What choice are they going to make for me next?

Sarah Richard

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