Health care induces hysteria on the right

March 25, 2010

In response to the hysterical letter in the March 24 Sun entitled "Democrats produce a new day that will live in infamy," with all the histrionic rightwing clichés about "trampling on the Constitution," etc., I just have to question a statement like, "let's not forget President Obama wants [gas prices] at $4 to $6 so he can control your behavior through the price of economic pain." Where does the writer even come up with stuff like that? From the same misinformed place the birthers come up with their lunatic claims, the same place from which the rumors about President Obama being a Muslim come? This is beyond ridiculous.

Melodramatic claims like "a day for mourning, a day that 'We the People' were forever enslaved" would be laughable if it weren't for the underlying self-righteous threat that goes along with such "patriotic" statements from the fringe mentality.

Charles Rammelkamp, Baltimore

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