Car of Tomorrow has old-school look

Stock car purists have to be pleased as the spoiler makes car look more traditional

March 24, 2010

Sunday's race in Martinsville, Va., will mark the first Car of Tomorrow race for NASCAR with a spoiler instead of a wing.

Stock car purists have to be pleased at the change. The spoiler makes the car look more like a traditional stock car. As for the changes in racing? Even the drivers don't know what to expect.

"There's not a lot of characteristic difference from the driver's seat because they did a good job making sure, from an aero standpoint," said Kevin Harvick, who participated in a test at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Tuesday.

Brothers' secret weapon: Think Steve Addington misses Kyle Busch?

After coming in third at Bristol Motor Speedway, Kurt Busch got out of his car and quipped Addington was making it look like the Busch brothers didn't know how to drive, that their success was due to Addington.

Addington made no secret about the fact he wanted to have a better season with Kurt Busch and the No. 2 Dodge team than he did with Kyle Busch last year.

Addington worked with Kyle Busch until last season when he was fired as crew chief. The move sent shockwaves throughout the garage.

Less than half a year after that shocking news broke, Addington heads one of the best teams in NASCAR.

Kurt Busch has one victory, three top-10s and is seventh in points. Meanwhile, Kyle Busch has one top-10 finish and ranks 10th in points.

10 things learned last week:

1. Jimmie Johnson with a swagger is fun. For the first time in his dominant career, Johnson admitted he likes that teams fear him.

2. When Johnson's team is winning at tracks where it shouldn't, everybody else better watch out.

3.Rick Hendrick has a lot of respect for Kurt Busch. He said after Sunday's race that he would be calling Busch to congratulate him on his third-place finish and that Busch always gives Johnson's team a lot of credit.

4. If you want to be Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s crew chief, you better know how and when to scream at him. It's not a sign of disrespect, just a way he interacts in the heat of a race.

5.Kevin Harvick knows exactly how to push his opponents' buttons.

6.Brad Keselowski does too, whether intentionally or unintentionally. After a tough battle with Jimmie Johnson on Sunday, Johnson said over his radio, "He'll never learn."

7. This short-track part of the season is when Denny Hamlin should excel if the preseason favorite is to challenge Johnson.

8.Robby Gordon will have to race his way into Martinsville. He fell out of the top 35 after Sunday.

9. After Larry Pearson's crash, Bristol Motor Speedway should reconsider running its legends race.

10. Blue hair suits Scott Speed.

- Tania Ganguli

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