Federal takeover of student loans is a mistake

March 22, 2010

I usually agree wholeheartedly with Eileen Ambrose, but this time she has gone too far in advocating for the hijacking of the student loan program by the federal government ("Student loan industry's 'takeover' by federal government is overdue," March 21).

And attaching this proposal, with its wide-ranging effects on our banking and student loan system, to the proposal to remake the health care system by the feds is tantamount to slipping a "mickey finn" to the citizenry, who will wake up with thousands, no, likely tens of thousands of new government jobs with their wonderfully high-cost pension and health schemes, of which private employees can only dream. As a Sunpaper employee you must know about that issue.

Ms. Ambrose, you have slipped a cog in your brain if you think that bringing the student loan system into the government will save money. If you believe that, I have a bridge named Key that I will sell you!

Sam Davis, Towson

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