Democrats produce a new day to live in infamy

March 22, 2010

It was 10:45 p.m. Sunday night when I went outside to take note of the surroundings. I was full of mixed emotions; boiling over with anger soon turned to overwhelming sadness and disbelief that I was will be living the remainder of my life in economic slavery.

I had thoughts of my parents in their late 60s not having enough of value to contribute in the coming years and being turned away for health care. My father, a Vietnam Veteran with two tours and 23 years of service, having his benefits slashed after he put his life on the line for our country. I thought about how sad I will be in the future, knowing that I will leave this earth with my children and their children in economic slavery.

Perhaps that is the most gut wrenching thought I had, but I had many.

Never mind that our freedom was stolen Sunday night. Our future as a free society will now be one of economic slavery driven by the most far left-wing president and Democrat-controlled Congress in our great country's history. No matter what people think about this take over of health care by our government, the fact remains that this will certainly and eventually bankrupt the country. Canada, France, Massachusetts and Tennessee all understand the unsustainability of this model. Anyone who believes that health care will improve and that savings will occur is not paying attention to the facts. Anyone that wants 17,000 new IRS agents sniffing around and digging into your bank accounts to enforce the new rules is probably already on the entitlement mentality and can't be saved. Taxes will go up from now on, both federally and locally. After all, the Democrats' bill pushes the costs to the states which is how, besides the budgetary gimmickry, they got to the sham number just shy of $1 trillion.

President Obama has altered the fabric of freedom in this country in negative way. In 15 months, he has taken control of business and the auto industry, banking, and now health care and all student loans. (What the heck did that have to do with health care, anyway?) Is anyone scared here? I am. He and his Democratic cohorts trampled the Constitution en route to taking over one-sixth of the economy, and they are not even close to done yet.

With gas nearing $3, let's not forget President Obama wants it at $4 to $6 so he can control you behavior through the price of economic pain. Cap and tax is next, and the assault on freedom is not likely to go away under this administration anytime soon. Not to mention the value added tax that will be no doubt be forthcoming.

So, while the entitlement mentality of , "How do I get my free (insert choice here)" begins to infect our democratic republic, I shed tears for my America, her future, her lost freedoms, and the beginning of socialism that my children will inherit.

March 21, 2010 -- a day that will live in infamy, a day for mourning, a day that "We the People" were forever enslaved. Indeed, the saddest day in my life. And the day our country was negatively altered forever.

Carl H. Kendrick

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