March 22: Keep things hot, Scorpio

March 22, 2010|by Jen Bem | | Baltimore Sun reporter

Aries 03.21-04.19 Neptune will make you susceptible to drama today. You have a low tolerance for other people’s crap, and you’ll let everyone know it.

Taurus 04.20-05.20 You have a strong need to spend time with friends this evening. Sometimes you need a night to remind yourself that you still know how to have a good time.

Gemini 05.21-06.21 If you’re feeling friction at work today, blame Mercury. The planet tends to aggravate situations, causing more trouble than you really need. Cancer 06.22-07.21 Lie low this afternoon. Don’t answer calls or e-mails while you’re trying to finish a project. Uninterrupted alone time is all you really need.

Leo 07.22-08.22 Look for information when presented with a problem today. You’ll find a better solution by looking at what’s already been done than if you reinvent the wheel.

Virgo 08.23-09.22 You’ve been working your butt off lately and need a break. Call out for a personal day and enjoy the lethargy.

Libra 09.23-10.22 Stop holding onto an argument you had with your honey. It’s a new day, so be the bigger person and let it go.

Scorpio 10.23-11.21 You’re heating things up with a cutie you’ve been seeing. Keep up the seductive work and you’ll soon find yourself in the midst of serious passion.

Sagittarius 11.22-12.21 The sun thinks you should be more positive. You should stop being a broken record and quit telling everyone about your horrible, horrible life.

Capricorn 12.22-01.19 Keep your head on straight when confronted with a stressful situation. There is no reason to freak out because something bad happens.

Aquarius 01.20-02.18 The moon will make you believe in love at first sight this evening, but beware — you’re not going to fall madly in love with this new person. Maybe lust at first sight is more like it.

Pisces 02.19-03.20 Your bad attitude is affecting your relationship with others. Find ways to control your temper before friends start to think you’re too much of a liability.

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