Tax increases are better than layoffs

March 18, 2010

I'm always supportive of a leaner government as long as it improves program performance. However, cutting public works projects and state jobs really shows poor judgment on the part of the governor and his colleagues in Annapolis.

The state has only made things worse by cutting jobs. While balancing the budget is a priority, using job cuts and furloughs as savings tools is like using gasoline to put out a fire. During a recession, job cuts are the problem not the solution.

The state's No. 1 priority during a recession is to create and save jobs; No. 2 is balancing the budget. The problem with Maryland is there isn't enough tax revenue to support the programs being cut, not that we're overspending as a state.

Investing in Maryland's future is my priority. I'd support a 10 percent increase in taxes on myself and more for high income folks if it means we get to keep jobs and programs that work. Annapolis should do what it takes to continue on a progressive path of improving health care, public transportation, infrastructure, education and community development.

Paul Day, Baltimore

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