Census: Count me out

March 18, 2010

With apologies to Peter Schmuck, I'd like to examine and comment on a few of the major, ostensible goals of the census:

Item: Collection of demographic data to include age, sex, race, national/ethic origin, living arrangements, and dwelling type.

My take: All of this to be spit back at us in charts and graphs to further advance class/group envy, divisiveness, pitting one American against another and the perversion of our cherished motto from "E pluribus unum" into "E pluribus squared."

Item: To apportion and reapportion congressional districts according to population growth and shifts from the last census.

My take: Thus allowing and encouraging our slimy pols to further hone their high art of gerrymandering to ensure their own reelection.

Item: Pleading with everyone to be counted, with special emphasis on the poor and dispossessed to stake even larger claims of the federal largesse.

My take: We simply must increase taking from the productive and giving it to the lazy and indolent to continue the welfare state and give rise to yet more generations on the dole.

Only government could take what should be a benign, simple head-count and turn it into a Rube Goldberg monstrosity. Count me out!

Dave Reich, Perry Hall

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