Pop goes the culture: Anticipating 'True Blood'

And everything else that mattered this week in entertainment

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March 18, 2010|by Jordan Bartel | jordan@bthesite.com | b free daily

As you (and President Obama) stressed over a perfect NCAA bracket (and maybe health-care reform), we were busy compiling the best in entertainment news. Here's your pop culture week in review -- and it was a wild one.

HELP US OUT: Thanks, HBO, for announcing "True Blood" Season 3 will premiere 9 p.m. June 13, but we would've appreciated suggestions on how to spend our time until then.

DEAR CHANNING TATUM: We'll watch you as "Captain America," but only if you do a "Step Up"-esque dance battle with the Green Hornet.

MOST HEAVY-HANDED DVD RELEASE DATE: "Avatar" on Earth Day. We get it, James Cameron. Environmental protection = good.

SHOW WE'RE MOST EXCITED FOR: Syfy's original movie "Sharktopus." It's a shark! It's an octopus! It's freaking awesome!

BAD 'DATE': We love you, Tina Fey and Steve Carell, but the trailer for "Date Night" feels listless. Also, seeing you guys murdered by rapper Common is relatively low on our wish list.

'MAD MEN'S' BRYAN BATT: "If you are openly gay, the masses can be asses." It's just his latest bid to become the Dr. Seuss of gay-rights advocacy.

SADLY, NO PIES: Aziz Ansari's new comedy tour is called "Dangerously Delicious."

FATIGUE OF THE WEEK: All the Betty White news. If we hear one more time that she's "golden again," we'll switch to Team Rue McClanahan.

THREE CASES OF SCARLET FEVER AT D.C. SCHOOL: They were diagnosed after fording the river and only being able to lug back 1,000 pounds of buffalo meat.

BEST NEW REASON TO GO TO PITTSBURGH: The new wax figure of Mr. Rogers tying his shoes. Mr. McFeely, though, still sadly UNRECOGNIZED.

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT WORRIED ABOUT FINDING LOVE AGAIN: Life must be rough if you're concerned about rebounding from Jamie Kennedy.

FUNNIEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: British Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy's poem "Achilles," inspired by David Beckham's injury. Actual line: "And it was sport, not war, his charmed foot on the ball.../ But then his feel, his heel, his heel..."

OUTRAGE: b Managing Editor Alisia Krastel: "I simply can't accept the reports of Jesse James cheating on Sandra Bullock!" We've formed a support group in the office.

Jordan Bartel is assistant editor for b. Follow him on Twitter, @jordanbartel.

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