Soundbites: Dwan Edwards news conference with Bills

March 17, 2010|By Jamison Hensley | Baltimore Sun reporter

Former Ravens defensive end Dwan Edwards officially signed his four-year deal with the Buffalo Bills on Wednesday. The deal has a maximum value of $18 million.

At his press conference, Edwards said it isn't difficult to go from a winning culture with the Ravens to a rebuilding team in the Bills.

"It's definitely more rewarding when you take something that's maybe not as good now, but people can definitely see the potential that this team has," Edwards said. "It's going to be a process. Every day is a chance to get better. It's up to players and coaches to take advantage of all the opportunities we can. Throughout the season we want to be the best team we can be starting at training camp and working all the way into December and January. I understand it'll be a process but definitely more rewarding."

Here's the rest of Edwards' press conference:

On what determined him to make to the move to Buffalo: "They talked me off the plane going back to Baltimore yesterday. And between then and working out the details of the contract, I stayed the night and flew my wife and kids up this morning and it was a done deal. That's pretty much it. (They) showed a lot of interest in me and that's what I was looking for."

On what sold him and got him off the plane: "To be honest, the opportunity to play. Like I said, it's been a crazy free agency for me but I like what the coaches told going in the 3-4, telling me how I'd fit in and how they'd use me, and I liked that. I thought that'd be right up my alley, a perfect fit for me and I'm looking forward to coming in and getting started."

On if the Bills are catching him at the right time as he's starting to come into his own as a productive player: "Didn't play much early in my career and when I did I felt like I played well but kind of just an opportunity thing. And when I did I took it and ran with it and felt like I got better every year I was with the Ravens. Yeah, I'm a pretty good player but I feel like I've got some room to grow and I think that I'm going to be a great player for the Bills."

On the kinds of skills that he'll bring to the Bills: "Definitely knowledge of the 3-4 defense. I've played with some great players in Baltimore who taught me a lot about the game and leadership and how to go about being a professional in the league. I think I'll be able to bring that and translate it to the Bills. Being a Raven, we've got so many leaders, it's kind of tough to follow a guy like Ray Lewis, but I definitely think I'll bring a work ethic that's unmatched, and I'm looking forward to getting started."

On if he sees success in his future and if it's something that the team can build on: "You watch film, you know a lot of the guys that they have here, they play hard on defense, that's what you want. That's the kind of guys you want to play with. Going into a 3-4, I know we've got some guys that can get to the quarterback on the outside and that's what you need to be successful. Great coach in Giff (Smith) I talked to and really stresses technique and that's important in a 3-4 so I hope I can learn a lot from him and it'll take my game to another level as well."

On his expectations in terms of a starting job: "I definitely want to be a starter. You don't play in league to be a back up. I've worked extremely hard going back every year that I was with the Ravens to try to be that starter. I worked my way up and here I am so I feel like I'll definitely be worthy of a starting job not just by title. I'll come in here and prove it as well through off-season workouts as well as training camp."

On if it's rewarding to get such a contract when other teams questioned his health: "I played, had the surgery in '08, came back and played and didn't have any issues with it so I honestly didn't think it was going to be an issue, but I understand the business of it. I'm very thankful that they gave me an opportunity and I think they'll be pleasantly surprised I think with what they're getting."

On how much the coaches had to sell to him being a part of the turnaround for this team: "I kind of had that same feeling, I guess you would say. I went to Oregon State and never had a winning program in a number of years. And even with Baltimore, we had some struggles as well a few years. It's all about hard work and turning it around and every one buying in to what the coaches are trying to do and I hope I can be a part of every one buying in and working hard. There's no substitute for that and that's the only thing that's going to take this team to the next level is every one buying in and working hard."

On if he had any thought that something was about to happen when he boarded the plane: "I honestly didn't know. I went to Seattle, went to Denver and they kind of had some issues or whatnot and it couldn't hurt to take a trip to Buffalo. I was sitting at home, and I know a lot of teams were interested but had some questions and I came up here. Talking with the staff they talked how thrilled they'd be to have me here and that's all you want is to be wanted by a team. Everything checked out medically so I was thrilled just to have the opportunity."

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