Mossburg needs to see the light

March 17, 2010

Marta Mossburg's inaugural column on "Sunshine Week" needs to see the light ("For 'Sunshine Week,' lift the veil on state grant-making," March 16).

No other governor in the nation has established as many and as quickly the number of online access points on what their particular state government is doing. Governor Martin O'Malley has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of state agencies through StateStat ( and let the public know more about how our environment is managed via the BayStat ( and GreenPrint ( In addition, the O'Malley administration has set the national standard for informing taxpayers on how the federal Recovery Act money is being spent.

Maryland's Recovery and Reinvestment website ( has become the template on which the federal government and other states are basing their online Recovery Act websites.

I hope in Ms. Mossburg's second column she will spend less time digging for dirt where none exists and more time in the sunshine, enjoying the view of a truly transparent government.

Mark Cook, College Park

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