Father of boy found buried should be charged

March 16, 2010

Both the mother and father should be charged in the case of the one-month old boy who was found buried in Druid Hill Park ("Murder charge in baby's death," March 16). The father led the police to the grave. The baby had been there since some time in February. Department of Social Services had taken away four other children. Neither of them should be let off the hook.

The father must have known something about what the mother had done. I don't understand how he could have gone nearly a month and not wondered where his son was. I think he knew what the mother had done. The father should be charged.

The baby boy was buried in the shallow grave for nearly a month. Clearly the mother knew she had done something wrong. His body was wrapped in a plastic bag and buried in a wooded area, his car seat and blanket were thrown over a bridge. I don't get how someone could do such a horrible thing to such a small, innocent person.

Four other children have been taken away from this woman. Wouldn't that send out a red flag? They had to have been taken away for some reason. How could they just allow her to have another child once the others were taken away? People should be required to obtain some kind of permit or something in order to have more children. The police need to get on the Department of Social Services a little harder to find out why the others were taken away.

Ashley Southard, Essex

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