Gang leader gets 24 years for racketeering

March 13, 2010|By Tricia Bishop |

A Baltimore Bloods gang leader with no criminal record was sentenced to 24 years in federal prison Friday after pleading guilty to a racketeering charge - days before two of his 33 federal co-defendants are to go on trial.

Emiliano Aguas, 32, ran a local Pasadena Denver Lanes, or PDL, set of the Bloods gang responsible for "the distribution of large quantities of illegal narcotics" and acts of violence, "including murder," according to a statement of facts read in court.

"He was one of the main leaders of this organization, and, frankly, the evidence against him was quite overwhelming," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Kwame Manley.

Aguas was recorded as saying that he would "hit individuals with a bat to get them to see straight in the Blood life" and that "people got to die," according to the indictment. Manley acknowledged that Aguas, who had several supporters in the courtroom, never shot or killed anyone.

U.S. District Judge William D. Quarles called the case intriguing because the "seriousness of the conduct is balanced by the anomaly of no prior convictions."

Nearly two dozen gang members were indicted in May as part of a sting involving federal and local law enforcement agencies conducting coast-to-coast raids, most in Baltimore. The group's activities were documented through wiretaps on cell phones and land lines, along with prison telephones, Manley said. Eight other people were indicted at the state level.

The federal trials are to begin Monday.

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