Young takes a page out of Dixon's playbook

March 11, 2010

What a surprise to read City Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young's PR guy trying to explain his awful decision to keep City Councilwoman Helen Holton in her committee chair while she's criminally indicted and awaiting a jury trial ("Councilman Young supports the highest ethical standards," Readers respond, March 11). Mr. Young's reasoning is that because she's a CPA, she understands how to help us out of our huge budget crisis. What a folly. Shame on Mr. Young for trying to use this meager excuse.

This once again smacks of good ol' boy scratch-my-back politics. It's not about integrity. It's about keeping your friends in office, just like former Mayor Sheial Dixon's friends tried to do. I just took a course on ethics and was thinking of teaching in Baltimore City schools. Mr. Young's lack of ethics/integrity are text book materials on what not to do. This type of leadership is not something I want to teach our kids -- the next new leaders -- about good government.


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