Vick protesters hinder charity's mission

March 11, 2010

Granted, what Michael Vick did was deplorable. He has paid his debt to society. What has been overlooked or ignored in the media is the fact that he was chosen by his teammates, not the Ed Block Foundation for the award. To the best of my knowledge. the foundation does not have it within its power to veto any nominee.

That having been said, I find the fact that PETA and other animal rights advocates have chosen the awards dinner to air their views publicly to be equally deplorable (" Protesters greet Vick upon his arrival at awards dinner," March 10). In doing so, these narrow minded publicity seekers have seriously hindered the sale of tickets and contributions to this non-profit organization. By their selfish actions they have greatly hindered the amount of assistance available to abused children. And that in itself is an abuse. They should be ashamed.


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