Wind power will benefit Maryland

March 10, 2010

In his recent opinion piece, Jon Boone has once again let his bias against wind power stand in the way of sanity ("The fantasy of wind power for Maryland," March 8). Just as with his numerous lawsuits against widely-supported, economically important projects for Western Maryland, he has once again cast his wide "just say no" net to include offshore wind as well.

Wind turbines will benefit Maryland, whether on land in Garrett County or in the water off Ocean City. They can provide much-needed tax revenue for communities, significant income to landowners and valuable clean energy to consumers that demand it -- all with little environmental impact.

Mr. Boone mocks the fact that regional grid operator PJM has said they can integrate wind with no problems, but frankly, their word -- as the most respected experts in the field -- is worth much more than the ranting of a known anti-wind activist who really has no idea of how the region's grid operates.

Clearly, our energy future is moving beyond the Jon Boones of the world to an approach that incorporates more of the newest renewable sources like wind and solar together with traditional resources that have powered our communities for decades. Power providers, state regulators, state and federal officials and, most importantly, electricity consumers have demanded more renewable power right now. It is time we step up and meet the challenge here in Maryland.

Frank Maisano, Gambrills

The writer is a spokesman for wind developers in Maryland and throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

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