Lingering snow still a problem

March 10, 2010

Pedestrians be damned! That must be what some people are thinking in regard to the condition of local sidewalks. Now, a full month after the snow, there are still many sidewalks that are simply unusable.

I just came back from a run on this glorious sunny day, and for much of the distance I was forced to run in the street (sorry, mom, yes, I am fine) because of large, lingering mounds of snow. Loch Raven Boulevard, Goucher Boulevard, Hillen Road, Burke Avenue, Bosley Avenue, Kenilworth Avenue, Towsontown Boulevard, and Bellona Road all had large portions of sidewalk (in public areas, residential areas and in front of businesses, the jail, university property and a firehouse) that have seemingly had no cleanup effort. Exactly how long will it be before the "We're on the shady side of the street" excuse finally expires?

I can only imagine what someone with a wheelchair or a stroller would have to do to go any distance around town without putting themselves into harm's way in traffic. It is disgraceful that even after all this time, no one has stepped forward to take responsibility for these hazards. Where is the accountability?

Courtney McGee, Towson

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