Doublespeak from the archdiocese

March 10, 2010|By Baltimore Sun reporter

I was among the 800 or so people who attended the Monday meeting with representatives of the Archdiocese of Baltimore at Cardinal Gibbons School. Like the rest of the Gibbons supporters who were there, I clearly heard Bishop Denis J. Madden say in response to a question about Gibbons going private that "all kinds of options are being considered," just as The Sun reported ("Catholic schools showdown," March 9).

After the hearing, I was among a group of alumni speaking with Bishop Madden when he repeated his statement that "all kinds of options are being considered" in response to a more detailed question from a current member of the Cardinal Gibbons board about the possibility of the school going public. Bishop Madden did not say yes, nor did he say no.

However, if he wants to retract or clarify what he said twice, he should speak for himself about what he said or thought he said rather than have archdiocesan spokesman Sean Caine, who was not at the table when the bishop spoke with us, put words in the mouth of Bishop Madden ("Gibbons still hopes to survive on own," March 10). The Gibbons community deserves straight and honest answers from the archdiocese and its representatives.

Jack Andryszak, Annapolis

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