Archdiocese owes a better explanation for school closures

March 10, 2010

Kevin Callahan's letter ("Not all of the closing Catholic schools were in financial trouble," March 7) touches on an essential element in the process of the Blue Ribbon and Office of Planning committees' work that has resulted in the closings of 13 Catholic schools: The treatment of the students, parents, teachers, administrators and staffs involved.

The heart of a Catholic school and of our church is the sacredness and dignity of each person. Has the process as it has unfolded thus far and as it continues to take shape been faithful to this core church value? It behooves the archdiocese to be transparent about the entire process, the objective criteria and rationale upon which decisions about each school were made.

The archdiocese must honor and respond transparently to the questions of lay people regarding the financial situations prior to the great recession and since it began. Transparency requires much more than saying that a "perfect storm" combined to create this school crisis over the past several years.

Brother Bill Griffin, Baltimore

The writer is a pastoral associate at St. Rose of Lima school, one of the 13 slated for closure.

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