Rodricks ignores the good done by Catholic church

March 09, 2010

Once again Dan Rodricks has let his anti Catholic bigotry cloud his ability to use rational, objective thinking ("What are archdiocese's priorities?" March 7).

How he feels about the way that the church spends its money is surely an opinion which he is entitled to. There is no question of him being wrong as there is no right or wrong point of view on this issue.

The problem that I see with Mr. Rodricks is that he tears down the church because he believes that its spending priorities are in the wrong place (he wrote pretty much the same opinion a few years back) but then fails to acknowledge the great things that the church does in the Baltimore area. Some money is needed to maintain and improve upon physical structures such as buildings, the Basilica, etc. Schools are an expensive institution to run. There are salaries and upkeep, and many Catholic schools are old and in a state of disrepair.

Mr. Rodricks has never spoken out in support of government funded vouchers for low income families so that their children will have the opportunity to attend a school which is safe from violence that occurs in some of the public schools and which offer a supportive culture where learning is taken seriously.

Tim Lynch

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